Guidance at Donabate Community College.



Donabate  Community College is a coeducational non designated Post Primary School run under the auspices of County Dublin V.E.C.   The school has approximately 350 students (as the school is a new development we have only 1st year to Third year students at present, the eventual numbers will be 1,000).

Our Education Philosophy at Donabate Community College is to create a safe learning environment within the community which acknowledges diversity, fosters mutual respect, celebrates achievement, recognises the needs of the individual, challenging all to reach their potential.  These values reflect deeply the ethos of County Dublin V.E.C.

The aim of the guidance programme is to ‘ensure that al students have access to appropriate guidance’.  In so doing, the guidance service assists students in their educational, career and personal and social development while in school.  The key personnel involved in delivering this service include:

·       Principal

·       Deputy Principal

·       Guidance Counsellors

·       Behaviour Officers and Class Tutors

·       SPHE Coordinator.


The secret of Education lies in respecting the pupil”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson


In our policy document, we set down a detailed outline of the role of the Guidance Counsellor and the functions of the service, which we intend to provide within the educational and pastoral philosophy of our school. Donabate Community College we will endeavour to reflect our personal values, beliefs and influences through our choice of content and our future practice as a Guidance Department.


As Guidance Counsellors, we believe that every child possess an “intrinsic value” and our role as Counsellors is to nurture and appreciate this value, we will help to develop a strong sense of worth and esteem in all children.                                                                     

As Guidance Counsellors we have come to the realisation that the students in our school are not homogenous in nature.  Students arrive at secondary school with a wide range of interests, desires, purposes and fears.  In our dealings with students we have come to respect them as individuals with enormous potential of doing well and with a little care and attention they are quite capable of achieving their chosen goals.


 We believe as Guidance Counsellors that our main responsibility is to endeavour to bring forth all that is good in our students. We will always be fair and just in our dealings with students and colleagues.  Our utmost concern will be the welfare of the students in our care.


School Philosophy.

“The Board of Management will promote Excellence. Our aim will be to create, with the assistance of parents, responsible citizens with pride in their community. The development of the whole person will be based on personal responsibility, inter dependence, respect for people and respect for property. Our school will seek to instill integrity, value discipline and punctuality and facilitate the best in the academic and non academic areas. We will value our culture, our tradition, be inclusive of religious beliefs and will seek to be a caring and compassionate community where justice and truth will be central elements.

.  The Guidance service fully supports and reflects the ethos of the statement in the school philosophy.


Name of School:                               Donabate Community College

Name of Guidance Counsellor:       Andrew O’Riordan.

Aim of School Guidance Counselling Service: The School Guidance Service reflects in its aim the school philosophy as laid out by the Board of Management and the school policy on Guidance Counselling.


The Pastoral Care Team in Donabate Community College interpret Counselling as an interactive learning process between student and counsellor which may be conducted on an individual, family or group basis.  Counselling in our school context may be concerned with addressing and resolving specific issues, reaching decisions, coping with crises, building relationships, promoting and developing self awareness and working with internal or external conflict.  As school counsellors our aim is to facilitate the student in crisis by providing a range of coping strategies and interventions in a caring and sensitive way appropriate to the individual’s needs and circumstances.


The guidance counselling service within the school  provides for (i) Personal and Social and (ii) Educational and (iii) Vocational Development needs of all the students in its care.