New School Building



We are delighted to announce that the much awaited building project for Donabate Community College is now underway. Contracts have now been issued and it is expected that the building programme itself will commence in the spring time. Students, parents, teachers and the community at large are very excited that they will finally have their very own second level school on the peninsula. The building project should take approximately one year at which point students of Donabate Community College will leave their temporary accommodation for a permanent new home.  

Facilities in the New School Building

Ø     27 General Classrooms to accommodate 30 students each.

Ø     2 Lecture Halls

Ø     3 Group/Meeting Centres

Ø     Music/Drama Room

Ø     Resource Centre

Ø     Guidance Suite

o       2 offices

o       Classroom

o       Pastoral Suite

Ø     Meditation Centre

Ø     Social Studies Centre

o       Geography Laboratory

o       History/Research Centre

Ø     2 Mathematics Rooms

Ø     1 Multimedia Learning Laboratory

Ø     5 Science Laboratories and Preparation Area

o       1 Demonstration Theatre

Ø     2 Art and Craft Centres with storage rooms

Ø     2 Home Economics Suites

Ø     3 Computer Laboratories

Ø     1 Business Studies/Commerce Centre

Ø     2 Technical Graphics/CAD Centre

Ø     2 Construction/Woodwork Centres

Ø     1 Technology Room

Ø     1 Wood/Technology Machining and Preparation Area

Ø     Engineering/Metalwork Room

Ø     Library

 Offices and Staff Area

Ø     1 Principal’s Office

Ø     2 Deputy Principal Offices

Ø     General Purpose Office

Ø     14 Pastoral Care Offices

Ø     1 Staffroom

Ø     1 Meeting Room

Ø     1 First Aid Room

Ø     Project Storage Area

Ø     General Storage Area

Ø     Caretakers Centre

Ø     Kitchen

Student Recess Centres

Ø     General Purpose Area

Ø     Canteen

Ø     Social Area

Toilet Facilites

Ø     Ratio 1:19, 1 WC per 19, 2 Urinals per 1 WC, 2 WHB’s to 3 WC’s/Urinals.





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