I dreamed I stood

In a studio

And watched two

Sculptors there,

The clay they used

Was a young child’s mind

And they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher;

the tools she used

were books and

music and art;

One was a parent

with a guiding hand

And a gentle loving heart.

And when at last

their work was done

They were proud of

What they wrought

For the things they

had worked into the child

Could never be

sold or bought.

And each agreed she

would have failed

If she had worked alone

For behind the parent

Stood the school,

and behind the teacher stood a home.


Helen Keller.



Parent Council Report 2009/2010


The current Parent’s Council committee was formed after our AGM last October.  There are 17 members plus our 2 parent representatives on the Board of Management and 2 representatives from the teaching staff.


The 1st meeting of the new committee took place on 5th November 2009.  We held 7 meetings during the year, one a month. The meetings were all very well attended.


As the Parent’s Council was relatively new there were a number of tasks which had to be concluded:-


1.      The Constitution for the Parent’s Council which the previous committee had begun to draft, was reviewed, approved and adopted in December 2009.

2.      Once the constitution was in place we could then apply to open a bank account.  We agreed to open an account with the local credit union as their opening hours would accommodate signatories better. The account is now in operation.


We had hoped to organize a fund-raising event in the run up to Christmas but time restraints didn’t allow it.   We did however organize a Food Appeal in aid of the local branch of the St Vincent De Paul as we felt it would be an important gesture for the students to give a little something to those less fortunate in our local community.


In January 2010 we sent out letters to the parent body of the school requesting a subscription to enable us to cover necessary expenses eg Insurance and Affiliation Fees to the NPC.  The balance will be held and used to go towards cost of speakers, etc.


We decided to keep parents informed of the work of the Parent’s Council by way of a newsletter and have issued one a term since January 2010.


During the year we have been consulted by the school on:

1.      The school website which is being designed in particular with relation to our thoughts on publishing students photos on the website and our opinion on the design of the Parent’s Council webpage.

2.      Reviewing the new policy which was introduced with regard to Mobile Phones and reviewing the existing policy on Suspensions & Exclusion.


The Parent’s Council undertook to concentrate on fund-raising and organised two events:-


In February 2010 we arranged a bag pack in Supervalu in Donabate.    Students worked in 90 minutes shifts and each shift was supervised by two parents, alot of who were members of the Parent’s Council. This event was very well supported by the students, in fact we received more volunteers then we could use.  The students who did take part were very well behaved and were excellent ambassadors for their school.


Our fundraising sub-committee made up of members of the Parent’s Council arranged a Race Night which was held on 30th April in Donabate Golf Club.  This event was also very well supported by the students and their families and local businesses. We received great support from the teachers and school staff.  It was again a very successful event.


We have arranged a bag pack in Dunnes Stores, Pavilions, Swords for November 2010 and also to follow on, a number of other fund raising ideas have been put forward and are on our agenda for discussion for our first meeting in September.


We are also arranging for a trainer from Barnardos to attend our AGM as a guest speaker and speak to parents about the challenges facing parents of teenagers today.  We plan on asking Barbardos to facilitate a parenting course following on from this.  We also hope to have more speakers during the year.





The parent council meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm in the college.